Itineris Spring Summer 2018 - Tones of Tuareg

Listen to the sound of the wind's song and shield thy face with the tones of Tuareg.

Come on a journey with us to the Sahara. ITINERIS presents its SS18 Collection inspired by the ethnic Tuareg. De- scendants of fierce nomads who for several centuries ruled the caravan trade in gold and spices - the Tuareg are considered the Lost Lords of Northern Africa.

Designer, Marco Vedovato, was greatly influenced by these 'blue men of the Sahara'. Traditionally worn to protect themselves against harsh desert conditions, the Tuareg are known for shielding themselves with indigo seeped fab- rics, which would often leave their skin stained in bluish hues. This ITINERIS SS18 Collection conveys a genuine admiration for tradition and purpose. In his masterful way, Vedovato introduces the Traces of Tuareg SS18 Collec- tion in line with his vision of the modern nomad.

Deep tones of indigo and shades of sand run through this collection. The fabrics are a key feature, beautifully woven in patterns that incite the notion of quality and style for the discerning gentleman. This collection features exclusive cotton and linen blends fabrics carefully designed and produced by Vedovato.

Natural landscapes meet meaningful design to create a stunning collection of looks that mimic the mysticism and allure of the desert. Key pieces of the collection include:

  1. Long tunic shirt with original indigo chambray fabric designed by Vedovato

  2.  Arab inspired trousers with elastic band on the waist in lightweight cotton popeline

  3.  Sahara overshirt with wide front pockets in linen cloth

Itineris SS2018 - Long Tunic Shirt

Itineris SS2018 - Arab inspired trousers with elastic band on the waist

Itineris SS2018 - Sahara overshirt with wide front pockets in linen cloth