Presenting Man by the Sea, Spring Summer 2017 Collection

“Let him think that I am more man than I am and I will be so.” 

Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea 

Sit still and reflect. The meaning is in the meaningful details. Once more, Itineris presents a new collection for Spring Summer 2017 that is a thoughtful creation inspired by the solitary moments of the modern nomad. Off the coast Key West or on the perimeters of Tanzanian shorelines, these new looks make Summer an endless one. Introducing, Man By The Sea.


He had four wives, travelled around the world and cheated death more than once. Itineris’ Man By The Sea, is influenced by the great, Ernest Hemingway. He was a Freethinker, Father, Journalist, Writer and Officer. A modern nomad in his lifetime, Hemingway played various roles in his life, humbly reflected in our 6 Key Looks.

Look 1: The Officer 

Worker style with bonded two sided color fabric overshirt and pants

Look 2: The Writer 

This sharp look with classic 2-button blazer is made with a unique Faliero Sarti linen cloth

Look 3: The Father

The breezy summer trench is made with linen with a contrast color of brick red coating inside

Look 4: The Journalist

Offer both comfort and style, this dandy blazer and vest are made with glen check cotton

Look 5: The Seaman

Breathable with a weighted texture, this long trench and coulisse over trouser are made with 100% cotton bull denim.

Look 6: The Freethinker

Semi-tailored blazer designed with 100% cotton creates a relaxed and debonair appearance. 

Plaid patterns in pleasing deep ocean blues and effortless neutrals give the traditional a natural twist.

All items coming in stores soon.