The Debonair Traveller Shirt-Jacket

Through the misty countryside or the streets of a civilised city - he takes it all in stride. His hands are dug deep in his pockets, his mind deep in thoughts. This is the jacket that is full of character and lives with him. Designed to be durable and suitable for nearly any occasion.


Iter Itineris AW15 wool-linen shirt-jacket 

The Debonair Traveller Shirt-Jacket is designed to be a stylish extension of the traditional mens blazer. Beautifully crafted to give you a sense of neatness, but with the movement that is casual and comfortable for everyday wear. Let us tell you about our new, signature piece for AW2015.

Crafted from hand-washed, cotton hemp woven by the legendary Parisotto mills in Vicenza, Italy, the Debonair Traveller Shirt-Jacket is rich with authenticity, history and passion. The lining is made from the highest quality cotton fabric - similar to one you’d find in a mens button down shirt. Its buttons are made from real horn in Milan and the hand-stitched buttonholes create an attention to detail that any stylish gentlemen can appreciate.

Compared to a formal-style blazer, the side seams and cuffs carry the details of a traditional mens shirt style. Pockets are generously sized with depth to carry life’s necessities. The cutting for the arms are similar to that of a mens shirt - designed to allow more movement at the elbows.  It has the functionality made for a traveler, cleverly combined with the neatness and debonair nature of a businessman.    

The Debonair Traveller Shirt-Jacket will be available at the Flagship Shop - Shop B, 1-1A Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong, this September 2015.