My Blazer, My Quinta Essentia

A man’s blazer is his ‘quinta essentia’. In Latin, quinta essentia has the meaning of the being the perfect example of quality and class. More than just a garment, your blazer represents your style and your journey.

My Blazer, My Quinta Essentia

If there is one thing you must pack – it is the essential blazer. Not only worn to protect you against all types of climates, not only worn to look stylish and streamlined for all occasions, not only a blazer – it is your story.

The Fabric

The story behind the blazer’s fabric and material is rich with authenticity, history and passion. From hand-washed, cotton hemp woven by the legendary Parisotto mills in Vicenza, Italy to the luxuriously Italian silk pre-washed for extra softness. Long-lasting quality achieved by using methods abandoned by many.

The Details

Blazer buttons are handmade from real horn, made exclusively for Iter Itineris in Milan – combined with hand-stitched buttonholes and buttons for that extra touch of quality. It is all about the integrity – a feeling than cannot be replicated in mass proportions.

The Tailoring

Carefully crafted, each and every garment is designed with obsessively perfected tailoring. Blazer pockets are generously sized with depth to carry life’s necessities. The lining in blazers and trousers vary in colour and pattern to emphasize its uniqueness. Meticulously sourced, tried and tested. Quality is never compromised.

So before you jet off, remember to pack this one piece. Let your travels become part of your story.