Into the Country

Meet the #itineris #modernnomad personalities of the season.

Our collection for Fall Winter 2015 is an inspired journey ‘Into the Country’. Designer and founder of Iter Itineris, Marco Vedovato, took a look back at Italian heritage of times past, and into the present day - enamored with the deepest appreciation.

To further express the spirit behind the collection, we turned our interest to the modern nomads of today. Meet them and see how travel, life and love has shaped their personal style.

Are you a modern nomad? Hashtag #itineris and #modernnomad on Instagram. Show us your style and travels, we’d love to repost it. Be inspired.

"As a photographer, my mind is always observing environments. It's not that I suddenly notice something particular but more so that I'm very attentive to the rapidly changing development of cities(urban and rural) and the decay of landscapes due to environmental issues - both tied to each other." -- DAVID ELLIOTT (Documentary Fine Art Photographer)  {Photo Credit: Sharon Liu}

David is wearing #itineris heritage Italian mixed wool linen 2 buttons shirt-blazer and scratch silver buckle belt.

"If education and money wasn't an issue, I’d probably be a professional traveller!  I'd love to see more of the world we live in.”  -- BENEDICT KU (Creative Director of Buzz Concepts)  {Photo Credit: Guy Betrand & Luc Carlson from Zoo Productions}

Ben is wearing #itineris wool nylon open construction cardigan and mercerised cotton pocket tee.   

"The last place I visited was Bologna.  I stayed there for one month with my wife learning how to make gelato.  So obviously I liked the gelato there. I can't say there was anything I didn't like though."  -- DRAFUS CHOW (Designer/DJ)  {Photo Credit: Guy Betrand & Luc Carlson from Zoo Productions}

Drafus is wearing #itineris heritage Italian mixed wool linen old style paletot.  

"As an entrepreneur I have the liberty of choosing projects that interest me. Some of the work has taken me to different places in the world. However, I would love to have more exposure to new places with the freedom and time to explore their culture and cuisine. The world is still a pretty big place.” -- ALEX SHUM (CEO of CENTAVRVS Advisors) {Photo Credit: Guy Betrand & Luc Carlson from Zoo Productions}

Alex is wearing #itineris loose cashmere and wool cardigan.

“The last place I visited was Osaka - loved the food, culture and people. People there are so polite and helpful. The music was amazing. Whether you're sitting in a cafe sipping on a green tea latte or in one of the many bars listening to the DJ playing classic vinyl tunes, Osaka has music in its DNA.” -- KARAM SONDHI (Pilot of Dragonair) {Photo Credit: Guy Betrand & Luc Carlson from Zoo Productions}

Karam is wearing #itineris French collar fine Oxford white shirt and cotton wool checked herringbone 2 button shirt-blazer.  

Made in Italy, this menswear collection is a rich tapestry of unrivaled quality, authentic design and refined craftsmanship. See the complete FW2015-2016 collection in-store now at our Flagship shop in Hong Kong.